Models For Sale
All of these models are for sale, mostly because of college costs.  
I have pics of most of the models available on email if the ones on this page aren't working.
If horses are NIB the pic is of another of the same model that I have. 
 Shipping for all models is $5.00 for the first horse, $3.00 for any model after that, insurance included.

1/2 Year Models.  All NIB.  
$40.00 each or buy the year set for $70.00!

Remington-Dark Chestnut Pinto, 2nd half 97 Shenandoah-Remington's partner in crime, buckskin, 1st 1/2 97 
I know these two don't look like much but they're pretty consistent placers for me
and I've seen Remington models win Live Show Championships.     Lightening-Dun tobiano paint, San Domingo mold.  2nd 1/2 97    Silverton-Steel Grey Welsh Cob model, 1st 1/2 97      Other Models JCP 1997 SRs  There are two Grey Touch of Class models available. They would make a nice driving team I think.  $40.00 each.       King of Hearts-1997 Show Special.  Bay appaloosa in the Secretariat mold. NIB $40.00 Iron Metal Chief-1997 Limited Edition.  Black Missouri Fox-Trotter.  NIB, $50.00 Dakota, Bucking Bronco-Dappled Palomino Bucking Bronco, NIB.  1995 run only.  $25.00
Chestnut Overo SHM. She's near mint, but has a few scuffs and some off coloring.$30.00
Great photo shower though. Has won many many classes
Snowflake, Breyer 1997 Christmas Model  Only produced for a short while.  A very few left floating around. 
 Don't miss this guy.  He should be an awesome shower as well as a great collectible. 
 Hand picked for good coloring and nice dapples.  $60.00

Dora Reeves
127 W. Main
Dayton, WA 99328
United States

My Want List and Trade Values
I usually put an approximate value I will trade for. I prefer all resins unpainted or painted in pinto, but I'm flexible. For items in red I will trade you just about ANYTHING for!
Moody Infinity or Two Infinity(Painted value: up to $300.00 depending on show history, unpainted, $150.00)
Moody Utopia or Kokomo, (Same values as Infinity)
Picollo (cutest pony I've seen! Painted: $100, depending, UP: $45.00)
Rimfire UP=$200.00 P=$350+
Rivera Pleasure Horse UP=$250.00 P=$400+
Bogucki Aashiq UP=$200.00 P=$350.00+
OF Models
Any San Domingo, Secretariat or Adios that I don't have
Mint Bay Indian Pony, Justin Morgan, San Domingo (the more russet colored shade)
Wahoo King and any pinto Breyer or Stone models from 2000, 2001
Northlight horses!!!!!!!

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